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Critic's Comment

When the surroundings are so gorgeous, one can begin to suspect that the food might be relegated to second place. But this was not to be so: the unfaultable food could be the very reason many of the originals guests return to board again.A tiny, delicate cup of the amuse bouche-all the rage in New York at the moment- whetted guests' appetites as some considered looking out the train window for the first time that evening, and others marvelled at the fine porcelain, sparkling crystalware and French silverware.Then a dish of tandoori of snowfish, served with a fricassee of fennel in fragrant red wine sauce was served with a silent flourish from the attentive waiters. The fish was moist and the flavours were strong enough to satisfy Thai palates without killing the scent of the fish.Could it get any better? You bet. Nage lobster was served in a fine green curry sauce. The wine kept coming- De Bortoli's Willowglen Shiraz Cabaernet and Willowglen Semillon Chardonay was served as part of the meal. The train kept rocking. The crystal kept glittering. And time was ticking away. We were returning to Bangkok.Dessert was baked banana in a light, mouth-watering pastry case and a duet of sauces, then petit fours and Columbian Coffee started to sober up. Chef Kevin Cape had devised a creative menu fit for any five-star hotel. And to be able to serve such exquisite food from a train kitchen only makes his skill the more impressive.

Written by: Samantha Brown

Dining on the Orient-Express, A unique experience!!! Some of the most delicious food you will ever eat is being served on the Orient-Express on it's leisurely trip from Singapore to Bangkok or Bangkok to Singapore. All of it is prepared on the train by Master Chef Kevin Cape and his assistants, even to the breads and rolls.

Written by:Chuck Williams
Williams - Sonoma

"Subtle flavours and a harmony of spices bathe the dishes that emerge from the kitchen of Kevin Cape. Imagine an elegant dining room with sparkling silverware and tinkling crystal glasses with views of palm oil plantations and "Kampong" life just on the otherside of your E&O Train window. No wonder, I am at lost for words when it comes to describing his delicious creations, for no one can aptly describe these fleeting moments in time"

Written by:Mrs. Pamelia Lee
Senior Director Singapore Tourism Board