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KC featured with David Heng

Doc Cheng's Hooks Up with Eastern & Oriental Express


Doc Cheng's presents the cuisine of Kevin Cape, Executive Chef, Eastern & Oriental Express, from 19 to 24 September 2003, featuring the culinary specialities of the countries through which the train passes on the Far Eastern route.

One of the Featured Menus



Amuse Bouche


A Light green curry Bouillon Gaeng Keow Wan


Langoustine and Baby Vegetables

With eggplant raviolis


Thai-Style Baked Salmon

Accompanied by

Fragrant Som Tam Salad

 In a Duet Sauce



Medallion of Beef served with

A crispy cooked Asian Vegetable Szechwan Style

Sauce aigre doux

Accompanied by  Mee Grob

(A dish, which the Pourcel Twins inspired me)


Pan-Fried Sea bass

Served with a

Brown Shrimp Risotto

Infused with Dried Sea Scallop


Mango Salad


 Basil and Chili Cream


A steamed Ginger & Pear Pudding

Served with a Mekong Whisky

And chocolate chips ice cream



Coffee or Tea